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Four Key Benefits Of Benching Systems In The Office

To create an effective workspace in a collaboration-obsessed era, progressive organizations must balance the expectations of a dominant younger generation, high real estate costs, and a desire to operate in an environmentally respectful way.

This quest for a dynamic corporate environment in today's culture of innovation demands a creative solution, which for many, is benching.

What is Benching?

As employees become increasingly more mobile, work is being carried out in a variety of places - both in and out of the office. As a result, people no longer depend on a personal workspace such as a designated cubicle or office to get their work done. Rather, they need a space to touch down and connect with their team members throughout the day.

That’s where benching comes in.

Offering a multitude of layout options and add-ons, the space-saving benching solutions provide an ideal meeting point for nomadic workers. And when a reported 25% of office space sits unused in traditional office buildings, benching gives businesses the tools to eliminate wasted space.

Four Benefits of Benching

Benching represents a style of working that optimizes a mobile and collaborative workplace - empowering employees to produce their best work.

1. Flexibility
The future is uncertain, and to support ongoing change, benching systems are designed for adaptability. Each piece is reconfigurable and can sustain future growth, even within a finite amount of space. Each system can also be modified with add-ons such as acoustic paneling and additional storage.

2. Technology Integration
Core to a benching solution's purpose and functionality is technological integration. To make a mobile worker's transition into the office seamless, benching prioritizes smooth and ergonomic connectivity.

3. Space Optimization
Unlike cubicles and offices, benching systems have a sleek, modern profile, which magnifies the one of the most impactful element of a worker's wellbeing: natural light. With the elimination of walls and high cubicle panels, each employee can enjoy the mood-boosting and performance-enhancing benefits of natural light.

4. Sustainability
Since benching systems use less space than traditional workstations, businesses can operate in a smaller office building. This, in turn, leads to reduced real estate and utility costs and a smaller environmental footprint.

At CDI Spaces, we feature two unique benching solutions: the Allsteel Further and the Artopex Air Line. Each offers effortless adaptability and personalization, including privacy and modesty screens, a variety of finishes, storage options, and integrated power - ultimately ensuring employees can effectively complete the work they set out to do.

If you're interested in learning more about benching, reach out to a consultant at CDI Spacestoday!

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