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Allsteel Harvest Rustic

The best teams are united toward a common goal. They trust each other. They encourage everyone to have a voice. They take pride in what they do. In order to harvest this team spirit, you must bring everyone together comfortably. Enter Harvest Rustic, the newest addition to the Allsteel® line of Harvest tables. The Harvest Rustic table is designed to help you feel at ease hosting gatherings of all kinds. Seated- and standing-height tables are perfect for everything from the brainstorm to the weekly donut club. All the necessities of the office mixed with an appealing, familial aesthetic. Bring your team together around the Harvest Rustic table.

Click the link below to utilize Allsteel's Visualization Tool to create a space that fits your personality and space, and for more colors and textiles please contact one of our designers.

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