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Classroom & Training Seating

CDI Spaces are pleased to offer a wide range of comfortable side guest chairs to enhance your office environment. Today’s classroom and training areas need more than comfortable seating, and we are pleased to provide solutions designed for the way people learn today

Choose from our range of contemporary trends or stunning classics that look good in any office environment. We also have a large variety of colors and styles to match your work environment.

Our range of classroom and training area chairs include Allsteel, Keilhauer and SitOnIt are designed to support the needs of individuals and teams and the tasks they do throughout their workday.

Allsteel Inspire
Allsteel Nimble
Allsteel Seek
SitOnIt Lumin
SitOnIt Relay
SitOnIt Rio
SitOnIt Wit

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What People Say About CDI Spaces

Sales staff and workers who installed the office furniture were very professional! Extra attention and care with the install was noticed and appreciated!

Linda Jobb