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Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo

Forward Thinking Customized Office furniture Solutions

ADDRESS: 5th & 3rd Floors Jubilee Centre, Fort McMurray

SCOPE: Open Plan Workstations, Closed Offices, Meeting Rooms, Seating, Lunch Rooms


Customer wanted a solution that would match their facility standards, to be able to better manage their inventory and keep a consistent look in their spaces. They also wanted us to future-proof their furniture to accomodate any unforeseen changes to their office space.

CDI was able to supply to matching system and we made all the partitions stacking. This means when the customer wants to lower a wall or change it out to glass etc, they can simply remove the upper stacks and achieve their goal. No new parts, cost or waiting time.

The project was scheduled to go ahead in June 2016 but during manufacturing, Fort McMurray experienced a massive wildfire forcing the entire town of 88000 to evacuate. 

"We are very appreciative of the service, assistance and professionalism the CDI Spaces team has demonstrated throughout this project, even when we had the ‘blip’ with the wildfire, much appreciated." ~ Dale Flanders. Supervisor Space Planning. Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo

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The service and communication we received and the smooth process from the beginning of the quote to the delivered product was amazing.

Crystal Cowan