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Custom Student Furniture Projects

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View custom student furniture projects completed by CDI Spaces – Alberta’s Balanced Learning Environment Specialists:

Creating Colloborative Learning Spaces Across Alberta

As schools and colleges across Alberta prepare for a new year, the education team at CDI Spaces have been very busy creating new inspiring learning spaces for students and teachers.

We recently worked with West Island College in Calgary as they developed a beautiful, contemporary collaborative space for students using the National product line of furniture.

We installed taller “Fringe” sections to define the outer edges of the space along with lower Fringe benching to provide a boundary along the front. In addition we added the elegant curve of the “Grin” chairs and “Whimsy” stools for function, flexibility and comfort.

embracing balanced learning environments at banff elementary school

The forward thinking educators at Banff Elementary school have embraced the balanced learning environment and are committed to offering enriching educational spaces for their students to learn in.

The teachers desk is mobile and designed to facilitate students and the teacher in a welcoming style.  While the student desks are arranged in multiple layouts, heights and options for maximum flexibility and inclusion. The storage was chosen based on requirements for the specific grade levels.

An Engaging New CPU Lab For St Anthony District Archives & Meeting Centre

St Anthony District Archives & Meeting Centre, located in Edmonton, wanted to update their CPU lab with new furniture solutions including desks and chairs in order to better serve the needs of the students and staff to create a more hospitable and comfortable environment.

CDI spaces supplied 25 of the Novo by SitOnIt Seating chairs, which combine a host of customizable features with award-winning design to give the room a contemporary look and feel.

To compliment the versatile task chairs, we added Virco Flip Top Technology Tables, which feature deep locking flip-top compartments that secure cables, surge protectors and wires beneath their work surface to help keep the space looking clean and uncluttered.

Creating Comfortable Gathering Areas At Rosemary School

Rosemary is a small community in the heart of Alberta that has a population of almost 400. Their school is a bright, modern facility that houses Kindergarten to Grade 12 students and has a well-rounded educational program which includes a strong focus on academics that is reflected in their mission statement: "To promote academic achievement and responsible citizenship."

The School administration worked closely with the parent council and the CDI spaces team to provide comfortable gathering areas for the Jr and Sr High School students in phase 1 of this project with the goal being to have a variety of areas for students to come together for both social and work activities. These areas include a range of different furniture options including comfortable seating as well as various heights of tables and modular soft seating solutions.

The students at the school have been very impressed with the addition of the new spaces. "Everything looks great, and our students and community are over the moon with the transformation of our hallways." Reported Mike Kukurudza, Principal of the school.

Creating Professional Office Spaces At Bishop David Motiuk Elementary/Junior High School

Thanks to our proven expertise and experience in creating a wide range of learning spaces in school across Alberta over the past 27 years we have being involved in providing a range of furnishing to many of the new schools that are opening across the province this year to keep up with demands of a growing student population.

One such project we have recently worked on is creating a comfortable, refined office space for the Bishop David Motiuk Elementary/Junior High School in North West Edmonton. We worked closely with the principal to understand how they would be using the space and the type of furnishing they wanted along with their preferred color choices to create a professional looking space that matched the look and feel they wanted.

We will have more photos from this project as we continue to move forward on other areas of the school.

Embracing Balanced Learning At J.C. Charyk School

The J.C. Charyk School in Hanna really embraced the balanced learning concept CDI Spaces envisioned for their school. We devised a number of functional classroom layouts including some containing rows of flexible shaped tables that allow them to be nested together in many pattern types for student collaboration, or be separated to encourage more focused study and work.

Other areas of the school we developed were the student gathering area that included soft seating around pillars, cafe style tables, and chairs along with the staff lounge that included comfortable armchairs so teachers can relax and take much-needed breaks during their hectic work days.

Multi-Purpose Student Gathering Space At Seven Persons School

With a focus on developing a multi-purpose student gathering space, CDI Spaces created an environment that would engage students throughout the day by offering them a variety of different seating and table options to pick from and support the students as they socialize, study or work together.

Creative Commons At Beacon Hill Elementary School

Located in Beacon Hill, Sylvan Lake, the new Beacon Hill Elementary needed a functional, creative commons areas that would fit within their timeframe, budget and vision. We worked closely with the school to create a balanced interior that would accommodate a range of different learning and teaching styles while providing sufficient storage solutions to keep the area free of clutter.

The Artopex Element soft seating was used extensively in this project. The range of different shapes the Element comes in allowed us to be more creative with the space and allows the students to create, arrange and rearrange the commons to suit their needs.

The final result is a commons area that is bright, inviting and welcoming. Since the school opened several months ago the area has been a big hit with students and faculty alike.

St. Patrick catholic School

Located in Camrose, Alberta, The St. Patrick Catholic School needed to transform their dated, traditional library with its cluttered stacks into a modern learning commons that would inspire better teaching and learning opportunities for students and educators.

We replaced the dated bookshelves in the middle of the room with a better looking, more durable furniture solution that also created an area of privacy for more focused learning. We also provided a range of seating options that allows students a variety of seating options to encourage better student collaboration and study options.

CDI Spaces goal with this project was to listen to the priorities of the school and work closely with them to create a space for what their students needed now and what the school could envision for their future while staying within their budget and timeline.

Calgary Christian High School

We recently worked closely with the Calgary Christian High School to recreate their learning commons.

The education team at CDI Spaces spent a lot of time in the early stages of this project having numerous discussions and carefully planning out how the space would be utilized, along with understanding the feeling and culture in the school for both students and educators. We also wanted to ensure we focused on the practical aspect of the space such as making sure it had sufficient storage space and the ability to do online education.

This learning commons area is now fresh, inviting and vibrant. Students now enter the space keen to learn and love having an adaptable environment that supports them in that effort.

Click on the images below to learn in more detail about the different aspects of this space.


Nakoda Elementary School

Located in Morely, Alberta, the new Nakoda Elementary School needed a fun and functional layout that fit within a specific budget and timeframe. It was crucial that the student furniture needed to produce quality and resilience to withstand the day to day endurance required of the elementary school space.

CDI Spaces produced a designated colour code for each grade. This approach offered product consistency throughout the school, and allowed for a wide spectrum of options for the ‘fun’ design Nakoda was after. We used products including Virco and Jonti-Craft to ensure the highest level of quality and durability, including warranties ranging from lifetime to 10 years for long-lasting use.

We were able to stay within the budget, and our furniture selections encouraged a creative and colourful work atmosphere.


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