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6 Office Design Trends You Need To Know About

As the corporate world shifts toward an environment of collaboration and community, companies are taking a look at the role office furniture plays.

Business owners are tasked with furnishing a space that appeals visually, while still promoting productivity and wellbeing.

These six trends offer a great starting point when furnishing a contemporary office interior:

1. Work From Home – Sort of.

Where do people feel most at ease? At home. When do people feel most productive? When they’re at ease. So, it only makes sense to bring the comfort and aesthetic of home into the workspace.

Choosing furniture that is reminiscent of a chic living room or sophisticated home office is one of the top office design trends this year. Office furniture suppliers have taken note and now offer pieces that look and feel like they belong at home, without sacrificing function or practicality.

2. Create community at large, group tables.

It’s been said before: collaboration is a key component to the modern workplace. Private offices are becoming passé. Instead, employees want team-focused, conversation-stimulating workspaces.

Oversized tables provide the perfect space for collaboration to occur.

3. Respect personal space with privacy pods.

As workplaces transition away from segregated offices, finding a balance between openness and individuality can be challenging. Teamwork and collaboration are the goal, but there’s a limit. Some work needs to be done in quiet, seclusion.

Furthermore, people have ‘off’ days when they simply need more personal space. Settled away from the busier office areas, privacy pods – or nooks – provide employees with an isolated workspace. Designed to reduce noise-related distractions, the nooks take up little space, while still offering the benefits of a private office.

4. Stand up and pay attention.

The trend of sit-stand desks emerged a few years ago, with studies proving the benefits of increased movement for office workers. Standing workspaces take this concept a step further. In addition to promoting physical health, standing during work also stimulates the mind. Whether working individually or conducting a group meeting, it makes sense to ditch the chair.

Movement improves the flow of blood and oxygen to the brain, which has its obvious benefits. Plus, it’s difficult to drift into la-la land while standing up. Naturally, workers will find it easier to focus, thereby improving productivity.

5. Laidback, work lounges.

Employees commonly choose to hold meetings at coffee shops or restaurants instead of in the office, and it isn’t hard to understand why. Formal meeting rooms create an overly stuffy atmosphere, which isn’t appropriate for all meetings. Instead of driving employees and clients away, the latest trend is to provide a casual, comfortable meeting space within the office. Not just for informal meetings, office lounges double as an ideal space to reset when a change of scenery is needed. 

6. Built-in technology.

Perhaps the most practical trend at the moment is furniture that minimizes the unattractive elements of technology. Today’s workplace is mobile, and completely dependent on technology. Fumbling around with IT wires, searching high and low for electrical outlets or depending on extension cords are no longer acceptable tasks for employees.

Getting connected should be quick and simple. As such, furniture with integrated USB ports and electrical outlets are rapidly gaining popularity. Spending the money on tech-wise furniture streamlines office operations while offering an overall sleeker office design.

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