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ADDRESS: Edmonton, AB.

SCOPE: Supply and install bench seating and tables

PRODUCTS USED:  Allermuir Pause

CHALLENGE: The client wanted to freshen up the public spaces in the Main Campus and needed a furniture solution with the right look to achieve that. At the same time, they needed the product to stand up to public use, provide plug-ins for phone-charging and something that can be ganged toegether in place or easily removed for floor-cleaning and maintenance.

SOLUTION: CDI Spaces provided the Pause Bench from Allermuir which is a design inspired product from the UK. The Pause was selected as a very simple yet sophisticated and modern design that would create fresh look to any space regardless of the surrounding environment.

The Pause includes power modules that match the seating and provide 2 outlets and 2 USB for charging your device. Finally, by ganging the pieces together we offered the client a way for their staff to set up the seating in various configurations for the different areas and can be easily pulled-apart and moved when they need to.

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