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The DIRTT Advantage - Clean, Fast Customized Construction

Local Calgary brewer Annex Ale Project wanted their taproom to attest to their focus: good beer, good people, with no distractions. But, they needed to do it on a very tight timeline and include some special customizations.

With just five weeks to go until the official opening, we had custom millwork to complete along with a feature timber structure with the brewery’s logo at the center. The end result? Annex Ale Project was thrilled:

“DIRTT managed to produce and install the millwork and timber frame like no one else could. Our taproom receives as much positive feedback as our beers do.”

Learn more about the power of DIRTT by clicking here.

The DIRTT Advantage: Integrating With Custom Elements On Site

Knowing a professional environment was key to attracting and retaining great employees, the GM Financial Service Center team turned to DIRTT, our engineered and pre-manufactured interior solution that eliminates the need for time-consuming on-site construction and is being used in a wide variety of industries.

They picked up various scopes in the design – from timber frame structures to power solutions – ensuring this fast-paced project was executed on time. DIRTT integrates with custom elements on site, such as artisan glass panels, to enhance the space. The result is an environment that reflects how much GM Financial cares for their employees who, in turn, care for their customers.

The DIRTT Advantage: Future Flexibility Built RIght In

When Mariner Wealth Advisors was designing their new, 60,000-square-foot space, they wanted the latest technologies and amenities for their growing business. Tired of tearing down walls as their company evolved, they wanted a solution with future flexibility built in so they turned to DIRTT, our prefabricated interior construction solution.

Executive areas were given their own unique identity with veneer finishes, while Corning Willow Glass back splashes provide sophistication in the coffee bar. A large, interactive video wall in the conference room was made possible by implementing a triple wall and custom hanging system. 

The DIRTT Advantage: Allowing Businesses To Keep Operating During A Renovation

This financial institution faced the twin challenges of renovating its 20-year-old space within a tight time frame while keeping its doors open for business.

DIRTT’s powerful ICE® design and manufacturing software ensured a steady stream of precisely crafted components arrived on site throughout the phased demolition and renovation. Imbedded plug and play DIRTT Power and Networks simplified and exponentially sped up the renovation.

Installing pre-assembled components eliminated most of the dust, dirt and disruption of conventional renovations, allowing employees to continue serving their clients. Contact us today to learn how DIRTT can be used to build better interiors in your workplace.

Clean and Rapid Interior Construction Health Care Solutions

This major health insurer needed a clean, rapid solution for updating infusion suites at one of the neighborhood care clinics it operates.

The manufactured construction and installation DIRTT provides, rather than building onsite, allowed them to outfit five bays and accompanying reception desk, nurse station, dining area and lab space in only 10 days.

Imbedded technology in each bay allows for easy access to medical data or provides patient distraction. Easy-to-clean surfaces and DIRTT’s healthcare optifiller supports infection prevention and control. Wood grain micro-perforated ceiling tiles in the infusion bays also help to manage sound and create a less clinical, more welcoming aesthetic.

Building Better Interiors With DIRTT

Stand-up conference rooms are a central feature in this prototype and custom parts manufacturer's renovated space, redesigned to accommodate several rapidly expanding departments.

Angled full-height glass and clerestory walls with pivot doors add character to the space while maintaining a bright and open atmosphere. Write Away surfaces give engineers and software writers plenty of practical working space; monitors and videoconference equipment are easily repositioned on DIRTT surfaces; and DIRTT's supporting wall structure easily integrates tablets for a conference room booking system.

The bold new design also includes the company's new branding, and the entire space can easily be adjusted or relocated as company needs evolve. Contact us today to learn how DIRTT can be used to build better interiors in your workplace.

No On-Site Construction Required With DIRTT

Our DIRTT engineered and pre-manufactured interior solution eliminates the need for time-consuming on-site construction and is being used in a wide variety of industries. From office buildings to healthcare facilities including this 199 room hospital.

Headwalls installed more than five years ago have been maintenance- and touchup-free – great news for the facilities team. Healthcare providers also wanted the flexibility to easily incorporate as-yet unimagined technologies in rooms that range from medical/surgical patient rooms to bone marrow transplant and ICU spaces.

Imbedded equipment rails and touch-enabled monitors support healthcare givers in providing high-quality care, while digital graphics behind Corning® Willow® Glass provide splashes of color and a welcoming touch for patients.

Leveraging the DIRTT advantage

This leading national accounting, tax and business consulting firm has learned to leverage the DIRTT advantage physically, financially and culturally.

With more than 350,000 square feet of DIRTT solution installed at nearly a dozen locations across Canada, their facilities teams understand how much faster and more efficiently new office installations and renovations occur.

Labor costs are lower because DIRTT’s manufactured construction and imbedded infrastructure means fewer trades are needed on site. The remaining trades, such as carpet layers and ceiling installers, are able to work more quickly in a clear, open environment.

DIRTT’s precise ICE® design and high-quality manufacturing allows the firm to develop efficient, welcoming spaces for employees while maintaining a corporate look and feel.

Leveraging DIRTT's creative and construction flexibility

This wood product manufacturer/marketer leveraged DIRTT's creative and construction flexibility to incorporate innovative design elements into their new location using their own materials.

Sawdust and wood chips half-fill a double-glazed wall in a unique corporate branding feature. Graphics of forest skylines and cross-cut timber trunks add visual appeal to glass surfaces and offer privacy without closing in work spaces. Micro-perforated tiles surround imbedded monitors to provide eye-pleasing acoustic management in meeting rooms.

The end result is a bright, exciting space that reflects the company's mission, vision and creativity.

Workplace Privacy Doesn't Have To Mean Dingy

DIRTT, our custom prefabricated interior construction method means workplace privacy doesn’t have to be dingy and cloistered, as this city administration team demonstrated when they renovated their space. Glass surfaces lend an openness to working spaces while opaque graphics and an acoustical management system provide the necessary privacy for confidential matters. Wood veneer creates a sense of tradition; writeable and magnetic surfaces provide ample work areas; and imbedded technology ensures digital tools are close at hand and easily updatable as information technology continues its evolution.

Creating Safe And Welcoming Spaces With DIRTT

The flexibility of DIRTT means the interior construction solution can be used in a variety of situations and industries including hospitals and other care facilities. For instance, intricate patterns and murals, calming hues and landscape images create a welcoming, safe environment in this intensive care unit. The 32 patient rooms, four isolation rooms and four nurse’s stations incorporate imbedded technology for easy access to digital tools and information.

Switchable glass in charting station areas allows staff to monitor patients’ health and safety while providing privacy when needed. Touchless sliding and swing ICU doors maximize available space, providing efficiency and comfort for patients and caregivers alike. The entire DIRTT solution, covering 29,000 square feet, was installed and commissioned in 100 days, from site entry to handover.

Flexible Prefab Interior Solutions With dirtt

This farm credit services agency invested the time and effort to fully understand the benefits of manufactured construction when planning their new space using DIRTT, our flexible, custom prefab interior solution.

DIRTT Networks and Power form a virtual highway in a raised subfloor, feeding imbedded technology in private offices and meeting rooms. Frosted glass surfaces provide privacy while maintaining an open atmosphere. Back painted glass tiles offer handy and durable writing surfaces for meetings and quick discussions. And with careful design planning and precision manufacturing, 20 offices and a conference room were installed by half-a-dozen field technicians in four days, with no damage and no on-site deficiencies. 

Leveraging the imbedded technology of DIRTT

Leveraging the imbedded technology that our interior construction solution, DIRRT, provides was crucial for this rapidly growing global communications provider, both inside their network operations center and in adjoining offices and meeting spaces.

With nearly three dozen monitors - ranging from 90-inch displays to touch screens - used to monitor network connectivity, respond to issues and plan for future services, the ability to easily access or replace screens made DIRTT a natural fit. Back painted glass provides a writeable surface around the monitors for brainstorming, while plain tiled walls can be quickly repositioned or modified to incorporate new features or graphics.

The imbedded technology of DIRTT means TVs, touch-screen boards, security systems and other technologies can be embedded in the wall cavity so they stay secure, save space and are easy to clean and maintain without dust or disruption. Contact us today to learn more.

Forward-Thinking Design Flexibility From DIRTT

DIRTT’s cool, clean aesthetic set the right tone for this investment advisory firm when they renovated portions of their office.

Privacy glass maintains an open air but turns opaque when confidentiality is needed. Offices and meeting rooms make the most of imbedded DIRTT technology, with Corning® Willow® Glass providing a light, durable finish.

Design flexibility was important as the combination of Classic and Enzo DIRTT easily accommodated various floor finishes, allowing for future flexibility. Contact us today to learn more about the power of DIRTT.

Delivering unique, practical and exciting spaces with DIRTT

This functional one-of-a-kind resource center, built in phases over seven months, elegantly demonstrates how DIRTT’s manufactured construction can deliver unique, practical and exciting spaces. Standalone office spaces incorporate a variety of finishes and configurations under an arch beam ceiling with cornice while DIRTT’s modular power and data solutions feed technology is imbedded throughout the vertical and horizontal surfaces. This solution was chosen as the best overall DIRTT project of 2016.

DIRTT Enriches Your Space With Intergrated Technology

DIRTT, CDI Spaces prefabricated custom interior solution not only brings your space to life but allows it to perform better than ever before with our method of technology integration.

This public research institution’s IT team was all over the concept of imbedded technology – users could access the digital tools they need without disrupting monitor settings. Shadow box millwork projecting from the walls provides the needed space for accompanying hardware while remaining within a mandated 12-inch maximum depth for cabinetry.

The clean aesthetic and writable surfaces surrounding the technology have drawn rave reviews from institution staffers and students for their convenience and for support of collaborative thinking.

Installation was clean and rapid, despite some constraints in the ‘70s-era building: the general contractor’s on-site project manager commented he wished all his projects included manufactured construction solutions. “This stuff,” he said, “makes my life so much easier!"

preparing students for success with dirtt

Wood. Glass. Traditional. Modern. It all came together in this high school renovation focused on creating a space that prepares students for success in universities and today’s workplaces. DIRTT walls either replaced or cladded the original cinder-block walls, creating a platform for DIRTT Power and imbedded monitors.

Warm wood finishes provide a timeless, traditional ambience, while anodized aluminum and glass surfaces keep classroom spaces open and airy. Collaborative and common areas incorporate back painted glass for group sessions or quick discussions.

It’s a welcoming and adaptable space that meets today’s and tomorrow’s needs – and it was installed over the summer break, minimizing disruption to students and faculty.

Contact us today to learn more about DIRTT.

Building Distinctive, Engaging, unconventional spaces using the power of dirtt

DIRTT, our interior construction solution means we can build custom interiors for dynamic companies in less time and with minimal disruption.

This leading global engineering and construction firm created a distinctive, engaging and unconventional meeting / collaboration space when it recently renovated its headquarters.

Angled surfaces, laser-cut decorative panels and tiles arranged in geometric patterns draw visitors into the space. Monitors imbedded in walls, work-height tech tables, and even a low-rise coffee table keep digital business tools only a touch away.

It’s a fully customized, efficient and inspirational space delivered in only six weeks – quality and a time frame that conventional construction could not meet. Get in contact with us today to learn how DIRTT can help your business.

Creating A Safe, Efficient Hospital Department Using The Power Of DIRTT

DIRTT is our prefabricated interior construction solution that can be used in a variety of different business applications including healthcare.

Creating an efficient and non-threatening space was top of mind for this leading hospital’s pediatric emergency department and they turned to DIRTT for their solution.

Bright graphics applied to glass surfaces add splashes of color and an element of privacy to meeting spaces, while maintaining an open atmosphere. Sliding barn doors make the most of the space.

Power and data infrastructure tie cleanly into the low-wall nurse's station, while Healthcare Optifiller seals the narrow spaces between the Enzo Approach tiles for infection control and easy cleaning. Contact us today to learn how DIRTT can part of your interior solution.

how dirtt saved this engineering company substanial costs

One of the key benefits of DIRTT, when compared to traditional constructions methods, is the fast lead times thanks to the powerful  ICE software and in-house manufacturing process. And time was of the essence when this engineering and construction firm decided to move to a new, updated space.

Substantial financial penalties for not vacating their existing offices on time made the proposed six-month conventional construction schedule unworkable; and the firm wanted to use sustainable construction to reflect their commitment to the environment.

With DIRTT at the table from the onset, the build schedule for the six floors was reduced to only 14 weeks. Contact us today to learn how DIRTT offers powerful advantages over conventional construction methods.

DIRTT Reduces Production Lead Times

Our partners at DIRTT, the prefabricated interior construction method that offers rapid interior building solutions are constantly working on improving their product and manufacturing process. Thanks to some great teamwork involving DIRTT's logistics team, ICE colleagues and project managers, the production lead time has now been reduced by one-quarter to one-third.

The table below lays out DIRTT's new lead times, what they are currently, and how much of a reduction we've achieved.

Contact us today to learn how DIRTT offers powerful advantages over conventional construction methods.

Reimagining The Future Of Commercial Development In Edmonton With DIRTT

DIRTT, BOMA, and EEDC teamed up last week to demonstrate how we can reimagine the future of commercial development in Edmonton.

With office vacancy rates hovering around the 12% mark, landlords are looking for ways to repurpose their buildings to entice new tenants who are looking for different layout options.

The customizable interior construction solutions DIRTT offers means landlords can quickly and easily change their spaces to ensure they can adapt to the current economic climate and attract many kinds of tenant types.

Watch the video the Edmonton Journal did of the event showing DIRTT in action:

DIRTT Movers Program; just 14% selected; and We are in!...

Out of the 102 active DIRTT Distribution Partners, CDI Spaces has been chosen with 14 other companies to be part of the  “ DIRTT MOVER PROGRAM” based on its team capabilities, leadership engagement and growth potential.


Following CDI’s expansion plans, we are excited about Deborah Brososky joining our team as the DIRTT Champion.

Deborah brings to the company a wealth of design advice and sales experience in addition to a strong network and respect within the Design community in Edmonton.

Welcome Deborah!


New Green Learning Centre coming to CDI Spaces

DIRTT is a leading technology-driven manufacturer of highly customized interiors designed for sustainability and flexibility. The new Green Learning Centre (GLC) will demonstrate a better way to build an interior space with values on people and the environment that is beautiful and functional. The GLC will provide tactile DIRTT solutions that are adaptable and customizable for all market segments.

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