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The 6 Biggest Benefits of DIRTT

You’re a business owner. You’ve got a plan and even a space in which to conduct business. But at the moment, the space is an empty shell.

You’re tasked with figuring out how to make a building interior into one that helps you achieve your business goals. And transforming an idea into a reality isn’t easy. DIRTT (Doing It Right This Time) offers solutions to these design and building needs. Period.

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Fresh DIRTT - T.L. Stroh Architects & Interiors

This real estate development/construction firm wanted to maintain the original quality and character of an older timber frame building that would be home to their new modern and efficient workspace. “We wouldn’t have been able to achieve the look we wanted with conventional construction,” their president says. Learn more.

This is dirtt

At DIRTT we believe the time has come for construction to embrace technology and take a more sustainable approach to building. We believe to do better, we need to Build better.

Fresh DIRTT - Cornerstone Architects

Breathe Living Walls and careful planning for future growth were key features when this community center added a 17,000 square foot addition to their facility. Irregularly shaped Breathe Walls bring color and the proven health benefits of living plants into common areas. Glass and wood surfaces balance practicality with comfort and appeal in office and meeting areas that host a wide range of public programs. Learn more.

Mosaic Centre Case Study

An Edmonton, Alberta energy company was looking for a flexible and sustainable solution for its new office space. DIRTT’s collaborative style and commitment to sustainability inspired them to design one of the most environmentally friendly buildings in North America. Hear from our clients first-hand how they built this beautiful, affordable and sustainable space for like-minded companies.

Fresh DIRTT - Lane Office

Timber Frame. Corning® Willow® Glass. The Enzo Approach. Surfaces, finishes and features galore. They’re all featured in the new two-floor, 17,000-plus square foot space that DIRTT’s New York Distribution Partner Lane Office now calls home. The timber frames, lifted by crane up the building exterior and maneuvered through a window, are featured in two vignettes that highlight its design versatility and how seamlessly timber frame integrates with DIRTT solutions. Learn more.

Mammoet - DIRTT Case Study

What do you get when you combine an international company with projects that take them from the bottom of the ocean to the top of the biggest cranes in the world? A real need for speed and flexibility. Mammoet is a Dutch company famous for big moves. Its eastern North American HQ just built its new building using all DIRTT. With construction and demolition in their blood, they knew this was a better way to build. In particular, they were so pleased with DIRTT Power and Networks running through the DIRTT Floor, they’re hoping to have this for all their locations. They like it so much they put their own Plexiglas floor in and have little Mammoet trucks sitting between the Floor pucks!

Sustainability at DIRTT

Our philosophy, practices and performance fuel our ongoing pursuit to improve the way the world builds interior spaces. Here’s how the three pillars of our sustainability approach make environmental stewardship our top priority. Learn more.

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"Very innovative construction system well supported by a dynamic team that on a very short time and without the drywall, mud, tape / paint hassle; turned our commercial area into a high tech, corporate look and contemporary feeling space"

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