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Dirtt Pre-Engineered Interior Design + Construction

The Power of ICE

The brilliance of DIRTT pre-engineered interior construction interiors can be attributed to the powerful software that directs the construction process from design to installation. ICE software is the heart and soul of this innovative product. Here’s how it works:

Design + Presentation

Using the ICE software, your DIRTT consultant designs a custom configuration that works for your space and your business needs. Far from cookie-cutter, each DIRTT design is completely unique, and the options are only limited by the designer’s imagination. Once the design is complete, ICE is used to present your options for approval, with pricing information built right in.

Construction + Installation

The ICE software generates the final drawings of your design, and connects directly to the machines that make your custom elements come to life. It also generates detailed instructions for installation.

Delivery, Installation and Support

The final stage of our process involves putting the pieces of the puzzle together and ensuring your new space functions as intended. Our consultants are by your side from installation and beyond to ensure your custom interior structure continues to support your business goals now and into the future.

Ready to get started? Find out how we can transform your space with our custom DIRTT prefabricated interior solutions. To book your appointment with an experienced consultant, contact us today.

ready to get started?
Talk to us about how you can build better with DIRTT. To book your appointment with an experienced CDI Spaces consultant, contact us today.

What People Say About CDI Spaces

Working with the CDI Spaces was a smooth and hassle free process. Their team was easy to reach, clear in communication and all dates and timelines were met. We look forward to working with their team and using their product in our projects in the future. Thanks!

Moe Aboudib
Project Manager
HIBCO Construction