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Get updates on our latest office, college and university furniture dealer products and trends for office and post secondary school interiors.

Glenrose Foundation Courage Gala

This past weekend, the CDI Spaces team had the great honor of not only attending the Glenrose Foundation Courage Gala but also of supplying and installing the furniture and soft seating used for the event at the Shaw Conference Center including their fun photo booth area.

Supporting vital local causes like the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital Foundation, which has been serving patients of all ages for more than 40 years who require complex rehabilitation, is near and dear to our heart and we are delighted to have played a part in this remarkable evening.

Workplace Zones: Modern Private Offices

Modern private offices take on a variety of different looks and serve a variety of different purposes. From formally furnished offices behind closed doors with classic veneer desking and ample storage, to casual, colorful spaces featuring light-scale desking with seating and tables for collaboration.

Bringing Fun & Personality To NAIT Student Lounges With FEEK

CDI Spaces recently worked with the forward-thinking team at NAIT in Edmonton again to create a new student lounge featuring FEEK, our unique coated foam furniture range that can bring comfort, fun, and personality to every space.

With a broad capability for colors, sizes, and shapes, Feek can be used in a variety of places including lounge and commons environments in schools, libraries, offices, coworking spaces, retail, and special events.

The Changing Nature Of Work Seminar 

We are pleased to be hosting a free event with Allsteel on Thursday July 13th at our Edmonton showroom that we want to invite all designers, architects, and managers of work environments to attend.

We will be discussing many of the social, demographic and technological trends are are shaping workplaces in Edmonton, and give detailed insights into what employees are seeking from their work environment now and in the future.

Please RSVP to if you wish to attend.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Beautiful Secure Storage Solutions With Allsteel Align Lockers

Align lockers provide a beautiful, comprehensive solution of secure storage outside of the primary workstation. Whether you're minimizing the overall workstation footprint or have mobile workers needing a place for their personal belongings, lockers provide the right amount of storage.

Align lockers include single, double, and quad variations, as well as an additional cubby solution. Designers have the freedom to select from a variety of aesthetic options including plinth- or footed-based, painted and laminate fronts, and a variety of pull options to reflect any company culture.

Mimeo: The Shape Of Movement

Mimeo supports the changing workplace by enabling unrestricted movement and cross-functional interaction throughout the day.

Its IntelliForm back technology and advanced materiality embrace the user, providing consistent contact for personalized comfort.

Appropriately scaled, Mimeo can be easily transported and visually integrated into multiple spaces. With its distinctive style and dynamic support, Mimeo delivers the spirit of design and performance that moves companies forward.

Learn more about this innovative chair by clicking here.

The Allsteel Approach

We believe that while office spaces may be getting smaller, they don't have to be less functional. CDI Spaces are pleased to offer the Allsteel Approach that offers a range of modular options that allows you to address the demands of today's office space while been adaptable to future changes.

With a simple touch of the button, the desk can change from sitting to standing and back again while offering smart storage solutions and the ability to run cords behind the work surface to keep the work surface clean and tidy.

Contact us today to learn more about this innovative office solution.

The Motion Meeting

It's no secret that lack of private space in office interiors is constraining the creativity and productivity of employees. One answer to this problem is the the Motion Meeting.

This innovative 4 seater booth provides a high level of privacy for users and is ideal for anything from focused brainstorming sessions to client meet and greets.

Contact us today to learn more about the Motion Meeting and how it can help your employees get more focused, productive work done throughout the day.

The Allsteel REFLECT

At CDI Spaces we recognize that in many open plan office spaces it is often hard to find a place that allows you to get focused, quiet work conducted without been disturbed.

That is why we are excited by Reflect, the new solo workspace from Allsteel that creates a personal refuge to ensure you can recharge and focus on what matters while at work.

Enjoy the privacy of a large, enveloping back that reduces distractions and communicates unavailability. Or the generous space formed from wide armrests and an oversized seat, allowing room for your laptop, paperwork, and other tools of the trade. And the comfort of padded upholstery, which cushions you as you finish that email, report, or video call. 

Click here to to learn more about the Allsteel Reflect

The Allsteel Further

The Allsteel Further is a robust platform that allows companies to continuously reimagine their workplaces and adapt at a moments notice as changes arise.

This agile range can be used to connect teams, optimize office space and support a wide variety of employees and the work they do.

The Further has been designed for people first, allowing them to perform to their utmost potential by offering unique storage elements, height adjustability and a variety of configurations that maximize office space footprints and allows for focused or collaborative workspaces.

Contact us now to learn more about the Allsteel Further.

Introducing The i3Sync Pro

i3SYNC PRO allows you to share your screen within a second without wires and without installation.

It doesn't matter if you're using a desktop, a smartphone, a tablet or even a camera, i3SYNC is OS independent and allows any HDMI device to share video and audio in high quality on a large screen.

You can purchase the i3SYNC PRO from our online catalogue by clicking here

Allowing Freedom Of Choice

Employees are now seeking the freedom to choose where they work and how they work and are shown to be the most productive and engaged when they can pick the best place to accomplish their work, whether that’s at a standing desk or in a lounge area, cafe or private booth. 

Providing these options helps spur engagement, productivity and company loyalty leading to increased company success.

We can help shape your workplace with our innovative office furniture solutions.

Contact us today to learn more.

The Award-Winning Zola Privacy

CDI Spaces are pleased to offer the award-winning Zola collection including the Zola Privacy, a versatile seating option that takes public seating and collaborative workspaces to a new level of function and sophistication.

It’s a modern solution for modern spaces: wherever people are working, collaborating or learning, Zola Privacy creates space that artfully accommodates groups, teams and multiple users with exceptional comfort and style.

Contact us today to find out more about this unique seating solution.

The NAIT Collision Space

CDI Spaces are proud to be working closely with The Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT) in Edmonton on a variety of furniture solutions across their polytechnic including the Collision Space located in the HP Centre for Information and Communications Technology.

In developing this open-concept, dynamic space, we went with contemporary, comfortable, moveable furniture solutions that allow for impromptu collaborations and deeper interaction between students and alumni.

You can learn more about this unique space in the latest edition of Tech Life magazine located here:

General News

HÅG Chairs and Marketing Material Now Available

ergoCentric Seating Systems (ergoCentric) and Scandinavian Business Seating are pleased to announce an agreement under which effective immediately ergoCentric will be the exclusive Canadian distributor for the Scandinavian Business Seating brands HÅG and RBM. Learn more.


One line. Many stories.

Your workplace has stories, created by people and the products that support them. Meet Lyric, Allsteel’s comprehensive new family of seating that brings a unified, cohesive look to your entire space. More than just good looks – these task chair and stool options fit however and wherever you get work done. Learn more.

Aware® standing height table

Take learning to a new level with the Aware standing height table.

As companies evolve, their meeting and learning spaces must adapt and work with everyday needs. That’s why Allsteel designed a more flexible and comprehensive collection of active learning furniture. The Aware collection now includes the standing height table. Learn more.

Aware® Tables

Designed so you can do more with time.

As companies evolve, their meeting and learning spaces must adapt and work with everyday needs. That’s why Allsteel designed a more flexible and comprehensive collection of active learning furniture. The Aware collection of tables, credenzas, and marker boards offers a timeless design that serves both today’s needs and tomorrow’s vision.

Take learning to a new level with Aware. Learn more.


Further is a collection of thoughtfully designed elements that helps you plan an inspired, productive workplace where people thrive. You can easily accommodate a variety of workstyles, from highly mobile, interactive work to more desk-bound, focused work. Using the same components, you are free to create multiple, unique solutions across the entire floorplan that can easily evolve over time to keep pace with changing business needs. Learn more.

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