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How The Private Office Is Evolving

In recent years, plenty of research has been published both proving and denying the benefits of all types of office layouts.

While one study suggests that businesses tear down walls and operate in a purely collaborative environment, another discusses the issues caused by such layouts, and instead, promotes the continuation of the private office.

So what's a company to do? Click here to learn more.

The Four Key Benefits Of Benching Systems In The Office

As employees become increasingly more mobile, work is being carried out in a variety of places - both in and out of the office. As a result, people no longer depend on a personal workspace such as a designated cubicle or office to get their work done. Rather, they need a space to touch down and connect with their team members throughout the day.

Benching systems represents a style of working that helps address this workplace shift - empowering employees to produce their best work. Click here to learn more.

Five ways to create a more exciting office Environment

Canadian workers are spending considerably more time working today than they did even two decades ago and are facing an increasingly mounting pressure to 'do it all': balancing work, family life, personal goals, and more. That pressure is causing both physical and mental health issues among employees, and workplaces across Canada are seeing a rise in absenteeism because of it.

Companies have come to expect employees to be more available and connected, so, in exchange, it seems logical (and responsible) to provide a healthier, more appealing place for them to work.  We explore five ways to make your office a more exciting place to work that will keep workers engaged and happy.

Click here to learn more about some innovative ways to create a more exiciting workplace.

Four key Office design elements your employees are looking for

We often hear people talking about the 'satisfied customer'. And while it's obviously important that we focus on and value our customer's happiness, we also believe in the importance of focusing on what our employees want, as well. After all, without satisfied employees, chances are, there'll be fewer satisfied customers.

With that in mind, let's talk about four key factors your employees (or potential employees) want in terms of office design. Click here to learn more.

Cubicles or Open Plan - Which is Right For Your Office?

When designing an office space, it is very important to take into account the setting. The office decor, structure and furniture placement can affect your employee’s productivity and therefore potentially your business success.

So what is a more productive office design, cubicle or open plan? Both designs have their own benefits, but the key is to create an ergonomic environment.

We explore the advantages and disadvantages of these office layouts. Click here to learn more.

2017 Office Furniture Trend Predications

office furniture trendsThe contemporary work environment in Edmonton requires constant tweaking if it is to serve the constantly changing needs of businesses and employees.

Designing suitable workspaces that promote flexibility and functionality, while catering for the diverse nature of the modern workforce, is an essential element of running a successful enterprise.

This month, we investigate up and coming office furniture designs and trends that are set to take us into 2017. Click here to learn more.

The Right Furniture To Create A Collaborative Office Space

Whether it’s due to the emergence of the Millennials in the workforce, or simply a natural evolution toward more effective working, we’re seeing a shift.

Instead of highly competitive corporate cultures, with individuals driven by a desire to climb the proverbial ladder, employees are uniting, sharing both spaces and ideas while working toward the common goals of their organization.

Learn more about how the right furniture can create a more colloborative environment by clicking here.

The Best Office Colors to Boost Creativity, Happiness, and Productivity

Did you know that a spoonful of your favorite dessert could taste better (or worse) depending on the color of the dish it’s served in. Amazing, right?

If there’s scientific evidence showing this is true (and there is), then surely color can impact other areas of our life as well. Take, for example, mood and workplace productivity. It isn’t hard to imagine that these, too, could benefit from exposure to the right color. So, what then, is the right color?

Click here to learn more about picking the right office colors for your office.

Choosing the Ideal Furniture For An Effective Boardroom

If the kitchen is the heart of the home, then the boardroom may well be the heart of the workplace.

Clients and employees rally together in this room to forge relationships, make deals, and brainstorm.

With this in mind, it’s clear how crucial it is that the boardroom reflects the goals and values of an organization. Not to mention that the space should elicit a desired mood and mindset in employees and clients alike.

Click here to learn more about choosing the right boardroom furniture.

How To Create An Inviting Reception For Your Office

It's no secret how important first impressions are. Psychologists, marketing executives, and scientists alike have researched the impact of a first impression, and the results are clear: get it right, because you only get one shot.

The first impression your office makes is like a promise of what's to come. Your reception area speaks to the culture and values that guide your business. The image that's reflected here sets the tone for all future interactions.

So, what promise do you make to people who enter your office space? Click here to read more about creating an excellent reception area.

How To Design The Right Space To Maximize Teamwork

office design maximize teamworkIndividualized, highly competitive work environments are becoming a thing of the past. Since over 80 percent of professionals feel they must work as a team in order to effectively do their job, many organizations are opting for a collaborative, team-focused culture instead.

As a result, companies are transitioning away from conventional office design, favoring open concept layouts to support their teams.

With this shift, however, managers find themselves struggling to organize their spaces in a way that encourages people to work together. In many cases, the furniture and spaces provided don't promote teamwork at all.

With this in mind, let's focus on how we can design the workplace in a way that allows teams to thrive - as a group and as individuals. Click here to keep reading this article..


Rushing into business decisions rarely ends in an ideal outcome. Buying office furniture is no exception. As with most situations, planning is the key to success.

Although furnishing an office may not seem detrimental to business operations, the task shouldn’t be approached casually.

Design, price, function, quality and comfort are all factors that must be considered and planned for. Failing to do so will result in wasted resources and unhappy employees.

To avoid falling into the same trap, familiarize yourself with these five furniture-buying mistakes business owners commonly make by clicking here..

6 Office Design Trends You Need To Know About

As the corporate world shifts toward an environment of collaboration and community, companies are taking a look at the role office furniture plays.

Business owners are tasked with furnishing a space that appeals visually, while still promoting productivity and wellbeing.

These six trends offer a great starting point when furnishing a contemporary office interior. 

Click here to read more of this article.



Almost fifty percent of people are unhappy at work. Surprised? Probably not. The average person spends more time at work than anywhere else – other than in bed, that is. And given the high rates of job dissatisfaction, placing the same value on our office space as we do on the comfort of our mattress just makes sense. 

Of course, office design isn’t the only factor that affects our level of enjoyment at work, but it is a crucial one.

Regardless of which half of the population you relate to, consider these seven tips to make your office a more desirable destination.

Click here to read more of this article..

The Inspired Office

The right enviroment lets employees know innovation is welcome. These ideas can help you create a space that works for your next big idea. View our infographic on the Inspired Office.

NetWork - The Future Workplace

If there is one thing that hasn’t slowed down during the economic difficulties of the last few years, it’s the evolution of knowledge work. How and where people work has continued to change rapidly and profoundly, as has the menu of strategies organizations might use to support work. Yet many companies and organizations have, understandably, struggled to keep up with this change. Read more on NetWork - The Future Workplace.

What Matters in Workplace Strategy

Fifth in a series of papers about workplace strategies and what goals they can and should successfully achieve: Agility, the notion of "future-proofing" the workplace to easily adapt to change will be covered next. Alignment – ensuring that the workplace reflects the unique context of a given organization; and Effectiveness – focused on the performance of the workforce; and Efficiency – using space, capital, or any other asset wisely, with as little waste as possible were described in the second, third, and fourth papers, respectively. Read more on What Matters in Workplace Strategy.

Workplace Efficiency and Effectiveness: New Directions

Market conditions – the lingering aftereffects of the global recession, skilled labor shortages, stock market volatility, to name a few – continue to put pressure on organizations to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of their real estate portfolios. In addition, changes in work, technology, social norms and the workforce are changing the way workers use the workplace. Read more on Workplace Efficiency and Effectiveness: New Directions.

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