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Choosing the Ideal Furniture For An Effective Boardroom

If the kitchen is the heart of the home, then the boardroom may well be the heart of the workplace.

Clients and employees rally together in this room to forge relationships, make deals, and brainstorm. With this in mind, it’s clear how crucial it is that the boardroom reflects the goals and values of an organization. Not to mention that the space should elicit a desired mood and mindset in employees and clients alike.

Picture this: a bland, lifeless room with mismatched furniture packed haphazardly throughout and random, outdated artwork on the walls.

If you had to venture a guess, what sort of meetings would take place here? Groundbreaking, engaging, thought-provoking ones? Not likely. More realistically, meetings conducted in a boardroom like this would be a lot like the space: dull, stale, and lacking productivity.

On the other hand, if your boardroom epitomizes the goals of your business, chances are, every meeting that takes place there will benefit your organization.

So, whether you're running a high-tech, traditional, ultra-creative, or free-spirited business, the boardroom better mirror the company priorities. And although each business has unique goals, there are a few key factors necessary in every effective boardroom – most importantly, the furniture. To make sure you select the best pieces for your boardroom, read on.

The Chair

The author of Are You Sitting Comfortably appropriately explained the importance of good seating, stating, "Our bodies have an intimate relationship with the chairs we 

sit on." While you may not have previously thought about chairs as 'intimately' connected to those who sit in them, the idea makes sense.

Anyone who's suffered through a meeting in an unpleasant chair understands the benefit of quality seating. It's difficult to focus, let alone bring your A-game to the table when you're uncomfortable. A good chair allows people to concentrate on the discussion - without distraction or discomfort.

Comfort isn't the only aspect to consider when investing in boardroom chairs. Movability also matters. Sure, typical meetings usually involve sitting at the table, but there are times when this isn't ideal. Take for example, during the latest workplace fad: the stand-up meeting.

In an article titled, Standing Up Gets Groups More Fired Up For Team Work, researchers explained that removing chairs and conducting a stand-up meeting promotes brainstorming and collaboration. It's during these times that you want to be able to smoothly move the chairs out of the way, without wasting time or causing disruptions.

The Table

Undeniably, the table serves as the most impactful piece of furniture in the boardroom. So it goes without saying that careful consideration should go into the purchase decision. How big is the room, what shape will fit best, how many people need to fit around the table? These factors all weigh in on the final decision.

And don't forget about technology. Do people even show up to meetings anymore without a smartphone, tablet, or laptop (or all three!) in hand? Make sure the table has enough ports and outlets to keep everyone connected.

The great news is, most meeting tables are now designed with these features seamlessly integrated. Gone are the days of fumbling awkwardly with cords as you vie for a valuable plugin space on the wall.


Once the table and chairs are taken care of, it's important to think about storage. Nothing's more disruptive or distracting to the flow of a meeting (other than an uncomfortable chair, that is) than excusing yourself to grab something that should be easily accessible.

Appropriate storage enables you to have everything you need on hand - allowing for an effective and efficient meeting. And when storage units are as sleek and attractive as they are functional, they double as an appealing design element.

How Cdi Spaces Can Help With Your Boardroom Needs

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