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Office Furniture Trends In 2017

office design trendsIt’s tradition. Every January, people around the world resolve to improve themselves in one way or another. Fewer calories, regular exercise, more traveling, less stressing – the list of New Year’s resolutions truly could go on forever.

And while business leaders may not call this change the same thing, many take the New Year as their cue to make a few changes within their company as well. Topping the list of ways organizations hope to improve themselves is by increasing innovation.

By definition, innovation means to create upheaval, metamorphosis, and breakthrough, generally through the creation of a new method, idea, or product. Something we at CDI Spaces have known for years, which is now supported by Gensler (design and research gurus), is that “great workplace design drives creativity and innovation.”

So, for those of you who are looking to boost innovation in your company this year, we’ve compiled a list of office furniture trends we expect to define 2017.


Each year, more attention is paid to the changing environment. Consequently, a greater number of furniture producers out there are reconsidering how they impact the environment. Responsibly built, long lasting, non-toxic, and recyclable pieces of furniture are on the rise.


Any time an organization spends resources on office design, they consider the longevity of the investment. And with the workforce (and therefore workplace) changing as rapidly as it currently is, this concern is greater than ever. That being said, just because change is ongoing, doesn’t mean business leaders should put off investing in office furniture. Instead, choosing flexible pieces that can adapt as organizational changes occur simply becomes more important. Every piece of furniture, even the interior walls, should be reconfigurable, so as to protect yourself against the future.


Again, with open concept layouts becoming more widespread, some organizations have sacrificed employee wellbeing in an attempt to get on board with the latest fad. However, we expect to see the pendulum swing back toward prioritizing employee health. Just because employees are working in unconventional settings doesn’t mean ergonomic seating, proper lighting, and adjustable furniture can be overlooked.

Familiarity Offices filled with casual pieces that look like they belong in a teenager’s bedroom (we’re looking at you, beanbag chair!) understandably get a bad rap. It’s hard to imagine how a formless sack of beads can offer ideal body support for any length of time. That being said, there’s a furniture company out there who’s taken this casual idea and transformed it, all while respecting the body’s need for support. And it doesn’t hurt that this ultra-comfy chair manages to look so sleek.

Bringing a homier feel to the office also applies to visitor areas. It’s safe to say that most companies prioritize their clients and customers – meaning they want to offer top-notch hospitality. The atmosphere in the reception area speaks volumes about the value a company places on its visitors. As a result, we expect to see more sophisticated, comfortable, and luxurious furniture in reception spaces.

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